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Front page of homepage of the Danish Ministry of Defence, fmn.dk
Front page of homepage of the Danish Ministry of Defence, fmn.dk

About fmn.dk 

Fmn.dk is the homepage of the Danish Ministry of Defence. This is where you find information on our work, our organisation, and much more.

We want our homepage to meet the expectations and needs of its users. This means that we are in a constant process of improving the homepage.

Cookie for web statistics
When you visit the homepages of the combine of the Ministry of Defence, a cookie is placed in your computer as a means of generating general statistics regarding the use of our homepages. The statistics are applied in the effort of optimizing our homepages. We are presently working on a solution regarding acceptance of cookies, in order to comply with the EU directive for consent.

What are cookies?
A cookie is a data file, which is saved in your computer to enable us to recognize your computer the next time you visit our homepage. A cookie is a passive file. It cannot spread computer virus or other harmful programmes.

Web analysis cookie by Netminers
We use a web analysis programme by Netminers. The programme depends on the data generated by the cookie to be able to deliver the results of the statistics.

The cookie contains a randomly generated ID, which is used to recognize your browser, whenever you load a webpage. The cookie contains no personal information and is merely used for web analysis. The statistics are solely used in a summed up form, for instance in order to see which browser keywords are prompting the most visits. The following information is collected:
  • Browser type
  • Operative system
  • IP address
  • URL address of the page you are visiting
  • Time of the visit to the page
  • If you have followed a link from another homepage, the cookie registers where you came from
  • Screen resolution

How to decline the use of cookies
We hope that you will permit our placing the cookie, as this will help us improve our web site. If you do not want to receive any cookies, most browsers will allow you to block them. If you want to know more about what cookies are, or how you can block or delete them, we recommend that you visit the homepage http://www.aboutcookies.org  

In case you decide to set up your browser to decline cookies, various functionalities on some homepages may not be working.

Handling e-mails
When you send an e-mail to the Ministry of Defence on fmn@fmn.dk, it is forwarded to a central mailbox of the Ministry of Defence. Upon reception of an e-mail in the central mailbox, the e-mail is registered and sent on to the relevant department.

After this, we handle your request as soon as possible. We only use your personal information with the purpose of replying to your e-mail.

Links to other homepages
To optimize our users’ possibilities to seek information, we link to a series of external homepages from fmn.dk.

It is not possible for the Ministry of Defence to edit and survey the external homepages. Therefore we cannot be held responsible for the contents of these.

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Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions, positive or negative regarding our homepage.

Send an e-mail to fmn@fmn.dk

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