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NATO - The Cornerstone of Danish Security

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NATO Headquarters in Brussels
NATO Headquarters in Brussels

NATO - The Cornerstone of Danish Security 

For Denmark NATO is the central forum for Foreign, Security and Defence Policy dialogue and cooperation across the Atlantic. All decisions in NATO are made according to the “Consensus-principle”. Furthermore, NATO has an ongoing dialogue with a number of partners, including Ukraine, Georgia, countries in Northern Africa, the Middle East and the Gulf-region.

Since 1949, NATO has been the cornerstone of Danish Security and Defence Policy. During the Cold War NATO directly guaranteed the security and independence of Denmark. After the Cold War, organisations such as NATO, UN, EU and OSCE has been the central framework through which Denmark has safeguarded security political interests and promoted peace, security and respect for human rights.

NATO’s military Role
NATO’s military role is essential for Danish cooperation with Allied partners. The military cooperation in NATO includes military capabilities, a common command structure, joint technical standards, joint procedures, joint exercises and NATO operations.

Today, NATO’s have conducted operations in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Kosovo, the Adrian Sea, Afghanistan, the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Aden, Afghanistan and Libya. Read more about NATO operations on the NATO website.
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NATO was established in 1949. Denmark was one of the founding members. Today, NATO has 28 members. Together with UN, EU, OSCE, NATO is the cornerstone of Danish Security and Defence Policy.

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