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Tasks of the Danish Defence Estates and Infrastructure Organisation

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Tasks of the Danish Defence Estates and Infrastructure Organisation 

The Danish Defence Estates and Infrastructure Organisation (DDEO) is an agency under the Ministry of Defence. The main office of the DDEO is located in Hjørring in Northern Jutland. The task of the DDEO is to take care of the operation of the Ministry of Defence’s properties and areas. This includes facility management, construction projects, maintenance, environmental and energy tasks and nature preservation. Most of these tasks are executed by external suppliers.

The objective of the DDEO is to support the operational units of the Danish Armed Forces, in order for them to stay focused on their military tasks. It is DDEO responsibility to ensure that day-to-day activities run smoothly. Service is a key concern for DDEO activities and personnel.

The DDEO has approx 750 employees and is present at army barracks, air bases and naval bases all over Denmark. The local presence handles and supports all practical tasks for customers locally. Overall planning, controlling and larger projects are normally handled by DDEO main office in Hjørring where the leadership and administration of the DDEO are situated.
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