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The renewal of NATO

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NATO soldier in Afghanistan
NATO soldier in Afghanistan

The renewal of NATO 

Since the end of the Cold War the role of NATO has changed.

Collective defence is still the corner stone of NATO
The fundamental purpose of the NATO-alliance is unchanged. The primary task is still to increase security for the 28 member countries. However, as new threats have appeared after the fall of the Berlin Wall, NATO has begun a process of renewal and modernization, which will ensure NATO’s ability to guarantee peace and security for its Member States.

Transformation and renewal
NATO of today is fundamentally different from the NATO, which was established in 1949 with the North Atlantic Treaty. Several enlargements has increased the number of member states. It has been decided to invite Montenegro to become the 29th member of the Alliance. Several enlargements has increased the number of member states to 28 and the end of the Cold War meant that we, in Europe, live in a more peaceful region – but not in a more peaceful world. Moreover, the latest developments in Ukraine has shown that there is still need of a strong, solidary and ready NATO.

Concurrently with the appearance of new threats (for example international terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and hybrid threats) NATO has renewed itself in such a way that the Alliance has managed to keep sight of its fundamental purpose while still being able to adapt its deterrence profile to new challenges and threat.
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Today, 28 countries are member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). Denmark has been a member since the very beginning of the Alliance back in 1949.

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