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The Danish engagement in Africa

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Danish engagement in Africa
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The Danish engagement in Africa 

The aim of the Danish Armed Forces’ engagement in Africa is to help reduce the risk of conflicts in Africa by contributing to the stabilisation of fragile states.

The Danish Armed Forces are engaged in Africa to:
  • Strengthen Denmark’s own security. The effort to maintain peace and stability does not only begin at the Danish border.
  • Contribute to regional and continental stability in Africa.
  • Help develop African defence capabilities in order to increase the ability of the African countries to handle conflicts on the continent on their own.

The role of the Danish Armed Forces
The engagement of the Danish Armed Forces in Africa is based on the African states’ own wish for assistance in order to increase their capacity to handle conflicts and ensure stability. For this reason, the Danish Armed Forces have engaged in military cooperation and operations in Africa for a number of years. Currently, Danish defence stabilisation efforts are focusing on eastern Africa and initiatives include support to the East African Standby Force (EASF) and regional peace support training centers. Denmark also supports Kenya in the effort to increase the capacity of its fleet to maintain control over the country’s territorial waters and the African Union in implementing its maritime strategy. As part of the stabilisation support Denmark has deployed a number of military advisors to Kenya and Ethiopia.

In West Africa, the Danish Home Guard supports capacity building of the Malian National Guard with a Human Resource project and a communication project. Denmark is also active in the fight against piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. This includes the deployment of a maritime advisor to the Danish Embassy in Nigeria. Furthermore, Danish Special Operation Forces participate in the annual capacity building exercises FLINTLOCK and OBANGAME EXPRESS, which both takes place in West Africa.

Denmark also contributes with military personnel to the UN’s peacekeeping operations in South Sudan and Mali.

Nordic defence cooperation (NORDEFCO) in Africa
In 2008, the Nordic Ministers of Defence decided to enter into a cooperation concerning defence capacity building in Africa. The purpose of capacity building is to support African partners in establishing needed defence capacities. It was also decided to give priority to Eastern Africa and to direct the support through the African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA), which takes place through the African Union and the sub-regional organisations.

The Nordic countries have established a strong partnership with the EASF and plays an important role in the continued development of the Force. The Nordic countries provide support to EASF through the Nordic military advisor group placed together with the EASF headquarter in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Denmark contributes with several advisors, deployed in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Denmark also contributes in the UN peacekeeping operations in South Sudan and Mali.

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