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On 9 June 2016 the Danish Government, the Social Democrats, the Danish Social-Liberal Party, Liberal Alliance and the Danish People’s Party have entered into an agreement on new fighter aircraft in replacement of the ageing F-16 jets. It was agreed to procure 27 F-35 fighter aircraft, and to finance this procurement within the budgetary framework of the Danish Defence – with the ambition of keeping intact its operational capabilities.

On 12 may, the Government presented its recommendation for the type selection, number and financing of Denmark’s new fighter aircraft. You can read the Government’s recommendation here

Below you can read about the basis for making the decision which supports the Government’s recommendation as well as more about the three fighter candidates and the background for Denmark’s need of new fighter aircraft.


Read about the backgroundIt has been politically decided that fighter aircraft are to continue to be part of the Danish Defence. Read about the background for procuring new fighters.


Read about the evaluation
In order to provide the best possible foundation for selecting the new fighter, comprehensive evaluations of the candidates have been carried out.