The defence attachés are stationed at Danish embassies and representations around the world. The primary function of the attaché is to serve as the Danish point of contact for the host nation on matters regarding defence, and to keep Danish authorities informed on current military and defence policy developments.


The defence attachés also play a central role in regards to connecting the Danish defence industry with foreign partners. This effort is in high demand by the industry and contributes to securing the Danish defence industry’s strong international footprint.


Parallel Accreditations

A number of defence attachés are accredited to multiple nations, which means that they also follow and keep Denmark informed on defence and military developments in these countries.


Military and Defence Advisers

Besides the defence attachés, Denmark also has multiple military advisers deployed around the world. Most of the military advisers are deployed through the Danish Peace and Stabilization Fund and are stationed at the Danish embassy in the given country.


The Danish Ministry of Defence also stations civilian defence advisers. They contribute to securing Danish interests and inform Danish authorities on matters regarding defence and security policy, e.g. in international organizations such as NATO and the EU.


Contact information on the Danish defence attachés and advisers can be found through the Danish embassies in the respective countries available on the website of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and on the list below.

Defence attachés and advisers

Denmark currently has defence attachés and advisers placed in the following countries and organizations: The United Arab Emirates, EU, France, UN, Ghana, Iraq, Kenya, China, Lithuania (Baltics), Mali, NATO, Nigeria, OSCE, Poland, Russia, The United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Ukraine and USA. The attachés also have parallel accreditations to Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tadzhikistan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Turkmenistan, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Norway and Finland.

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