Sanitetskompagniet træner ambulancekørsel med mandskabsvognen af nye type Piranha 5.

Sanitetskompagniet trains ambulance driving in the Piranha 5. Photographer: Emma Kjærside.

The Department conducts oversight on the area of equipment. Primarily it is conducted on the Defence' and Home Guard’s acquisition of larger military equipment and on the running of major military equipment capacities like Main Battle Tanks, Ocean Patrol vessels or the F-16 fighter aircraft.

The purpose of the oversight is on an overall basis to ensure that acquisition and running of equipment in the Defence and the Home Guard are carried out on a financially sound and operational efficient way. Systematic oversight can be conducted on a systematic quarterly basis. Systematic oversight contributes to orientation of the parties in parliament behind the Political agreement on Defence, The Committee on Defence in Parliament and The Committee on Finance in Parliament.

Program management board
A program management board can be established when large strategic acquisition programs are carried out – i.e new Maritime Helicopters. The Ministry of Defence chairs the program management board. The board members come from the different organizations which are involved in the acquisition program. The board is responsible for the strategic aspects of the acquisition program and the implementation of the new equipment.

Quality assurance
As a part of the strengthening of the Defence' and the Home Guard’s acquisition of larger equipment it has also been decided to apply external quality assurance on larger or complicated acquisitions of equipment. Connected to this the Ministry conducts oversight on whether or not the external quality assurance is carried out.

Major financial acquisitions of military equipment must be approved by The Committee on Finance in Parliament. An Appropriations Act is used for this approval. The Ministry of Defence is responsible for adjusting the Appropriations Act to the overall policy on the area of equipment. Following that the Appropriations Act is sent to the relevant parties in the case, including the political parties behind the agreement on Defence and the Defence Armament Board for orientation.

The Defence Armament Board is formed by members from the Ministry, The Armed Forces, The Ministry of Business and Growth, The Trade Council, The Danish Defence and Security Industries Association, The Confederation of Danish Industry the Danish Metal Workers Union and CO-industri. Appropriations Acts on acquisition of military equipment have thus been coordinated widely across different groups of interest.

The international development within the area of military equipment is monitored among other means by participation in related symposia's, seminars and briefings. Furthermore the Ministry regularly participates in relevant major international exhibitions of military equipment.

National Action Plan
An advisory group to the Danish government has developed a national action plan that aims to promote Danish interests with respect to the European Defence Fund.

Read about the National Action Plan

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