Grafik første delaftale

Graphic: Ministry of Defence.

With the aim of strengthening surveillance in the Arctic and the North Atlantic, additional funding will be allocated to the acquisition of long endurance drones as part of the first partial agreement under the new Defence Agreement.


In addition to the Government, the Green Left, the Denmark Democrats, the Liberal Alliance, the Conservative Party, the Social Liberal Party and the Danish People’s Party are part of the agreement. The agreement has been negotiated in coordination with the Government of the Faroe Island and the Government of Greenland.


”We have an obligation in relation to the entire Kingdom of Denmark, and we will take a greater responsibility for the security in the region. I am very satisfied with the agreement to secure additional funding for long endurance drones in the first partial agreement, which will deliver on one of the key decisions from the Arctic Capability agreement,” says Minister of Defence Troels Lund Poulsen, referring to the agreement announced in 2021.


With advanced radar, sensors and signal acquisition technology the drones will enhance surveillance capabilities and thus ensure better situational awareness of the increasing activities in the Arctic and North Atlantic region for both civilian and military use. The decision to acquire the drones is a part of the Arctic Capability agreement from 2021. Due to increasing costs, it has been necessary to secure additional funding for the acquisition. It is a priority for the parties behind the partial agreement and the Greenlandic Government that the acquisition is finalised as soon as possible.


The partial agreement is also prioritizing the instalment of an air surveillance radar in the Faroe Islands in coordination with Faroese authorities. The air surveillance radar will significantly strengthen NATO surveillance capabilities in the North Atlantic region. The decision behind the acquisition is rooted in the Arctic Capability agreement and a separate agreement with the Faroese Government.


Furthermore, the parties agree to support a newly established Arctic basic military and emergency management training course in Greenland, including if possible and relevant increased admissions to the course, and examine development potentials for the scheme known as ‘the Greenlandic Guardians’.


The partial agreement also contains investment in other military capabilities such as very short-range air defence systems for the Army Brigade and weapons for the Navy as well as initiatives to strengthen the recruitment and retention of employees.


The initiatives shall contribute to ensure that the Danish Ministry of Defence has the prerequisites to build-up the Danish Defence and to realise the ambition of strengthening the Danish defence and security, which will allow Denmark to meet some of our NATO capability targets to a greater extent. 


Greenlandic Government:

“In addition to fulfilling the existing political agreement on the long-range drones, the first partial agreement ensures that we can continue to support the very positive application process for the Arctic Basic Training program that has taken place in Greenland. It is crucial for me that the task of strengthening the defence of and security in Greenland also benefits the Greenlandic population. Through Naalakkersuisut's involvement in the first partial agreement, the framework for cooperation with the Government of Denmark on the upcoming partial agreements has been set. I very much look forward to the discussions ahead. Both with the Minister of Defence, but also with the Greenlandic parties of Inatsisartut.”