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The Nordic Defence Cooperation includes Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Illustration

The security policy landscape has changed significantly in recent years especially as result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The invasion, including other incidents such as damage of underwater critical infrastructure, has affected the security situation in the Nordic region. Furthermore, the changing security dynamics has led to Finland and Sweden seeking ascension to NATO. Against this backdrop, the Nordic Defence Cooperation is more relevant than ever, as it plays an increasing role in Danish security and defence policy.


The Nordic countries have a long tradition for working closely together. This includes the area of defence and security policy. The Nordic Defence Cooperation encompasses all of the Nordic countries, i.e. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, and primarily takes place within the framework of NORDEFCO (Nordic Defence Cooperation).


NORDEFCO was established in 2009 with the aim of bringing together a range of separated collaborative fora (NORDAC, NORDCAPS and NORDSUP).


In light of the recent changes to the European security situation following the Russian invasion of Ukraine in the beginning of 2022, the Nordic Defence Cooperation has intensified significantly, including through joint operations, training and exercises, as well as within the area of capability development.


Substantial results and progress have been made within a wide range of areas, which strengthen the defence capabilities of the Nordic countries, as well as the regional security and stability in the Nordic region. The Nordic Defence Cooperation is an important priority for Denmark, as it adds essential value to the broader international defence cooperation within e.g. the UN, NATO, and the EU.


Denmark as chairman of NORDEFCO in 2024

The chairmanship of NORDEFCO rotates between the four Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden (Iceland participates but does not hold the presidency). Denmark holds the chair in 2024, taking over from Sweden who held the chair in 2023.


Denmark´s chair priorities are to ensure a continued support for Ukraine, both politically, financially as well as through training and material capabilities. Furthermore, Denmark will have an increased focus on the Arctic and North Atlantic as well as on implementation of the Vision for 2030 and revisiting the NORDFECO structures. The Nordic Countries share the ambition to maintain close coordination on operational planning. This entails developing common Nordic concepts in areas of mutual interest on a military level. With the new Vision for 2030, the Nordic countries shall be able to conduct more joint training and operations complementary to NATO Deterrence and Defence.


Serving as chair includes the responsibility for organizing and hosting the semi-annual ministerial meetings as well as a number of other regular meetings in both the political and military columns of NORDEFCO (read more about the NORDEFCO structure and meetings on nordefco.org).


On the NORDEFCO website you can read more about the cooperation activities, the NORDEFCO organisation, aims and objectives, the history and background of NORDEFCO and third nations’ involvement.

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