Organisation of the Danish MoD

Organisation of the Danish Ministry of Defence.

The Ministry of Defence works for peace, freedom and security – nationally and internationally. The Department has two main functions:

  • We serve the minister of defence and establish the basis for the minister to create a visionary Danish policy in the field of defence, security and emergency management. The ministry’s functions are therefore of a distinctive political nature.
  • We head and supervise the combine of the Ministry of Defence. We ensure the execution of the policy of the minister of defence. We also supervise a responsible planning of the economy and activities in the agencies within the politically stipulated framework.

To ensure optimal performance, the Department is organised into different units with each their areas of responsibility. The Department staff totals about 500. The combination of civilian and military employees contributes to a generally positive dynamic, and boosts the opportunity for professional interaction.

The Permanent Secretary is the head official. He is in charge of centres with subjacent teams. 

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