Flagdagsparaden 2017 afholdt på Thorvaldsens Plads. Her stillede årets udsendte op for at blive hyldet af det officielle Danmark.

Photo: Danish Defence.

Our mission and vision is defining for our joint overall objective and purpose. It defines the general characteristics of the organisation of the Ministry of Defence, it takes bearing of our overall development, and thus constitutes the collective narrative of the Ministry of Defence and its agencies as an integral whole.


The joint mission of the organisation of the Ministry of Defence:

  • Together we work for the Danish security and interests and the security of citizens.


The joint vision of the organisation of the Ministry of Defence:

  • We operate and develop tasks so that we get the most out of the resources we have available.
  • The Ministry of Defence wants to be a professional and widely recognised collaboration partner.
  • Joint capacity and drive will be created through loyal and confident cooperation.

Based on our mission and vision, each agency will work out a ‘Plan for goals and results’.

The plans for goals and results will comprise:

  • A strategic goal vision worked out in dialogue between the agency and the department of the Ministry of Defence.
  • A breakdown of the goal vision into specific goals.

Following this, the plan for goals and results will determine the working and development of each agency, and be implemented according to the directives of the head of the agency.

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