The Danish Ministry of Defence and the United States Department of Defense, hosted the exercise with the participation of Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. The exercise was exploring possibilities to enhance collaboration on situational awareness.


U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Spencer P. Boyer, comments:


“The close military cooperation between the United States, the Kingdom of Denmark, and our Nordic-Baltic-U.S. allies and partners is a cornerstone of regional security. This staff exercise will enhance our military forces’ ability to coordinate with each other as we work extensively to promote peace and stability in the region.”


The Deputy Permanent Secretary of State for Defence Policy, Kasper Høeg-Jensen stated afterwards:


“With the current security situation in Europe in mind it is crucial that we continue to cooperate closely between allies and partners. This exercise demonstrates our clear commitment to ensure that the Nordic-Baltic region will remain safe and peaceful. We truly appreciate the strong Nordic-Baltic-U.S. cooperation.”     


Estonia is expected to host the next Nordic-Baltic-U.S. meeting.