The Government intends to strengthen the Danish defence in response to the serious threats Denmark faces. The Danish Defence will accordingly be substantially strengthened with a spending increase of DKK 4.8 billion by 2023 to further ensure the security, safety and freedom of the Danish people.

Denmark faces more serious threats than in any other period following the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Government is taking the situation seriously and therefore intends to increase the budget of the Danish Defence so that it will serve as an even stronger defence against the threats Denmark faces.

“The Government takes the security of Danes seriously, and we back our words with action. We will therefore substantially strengthen the Danish Defence by allocating an additional DKK 4.8 billion to defence spending by 2023. This amounts to an increase of over 20 percent. The Government’s proposal for a new defence agreement is a substantial investment in the Danish Defence as a strong safeguard of Denmark and underscores our determination to maintain our position as a core ally in NATO. We are faced today with a more unpredictable security situation which we cannot afford to ignore. That is why we need to have a strengthened and more robust Danish Defence. The Government’s proposal will ensure that we protect the safety and security of the Danish people, which is essential given the world we live in today,” said Defence Minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen.

The Government’s proposal for a new defence agreement focuses especially on countering military threats in cooperation with Denmark’s NATO allies, but also on the ability to protect Danes at home as well as efficiently deal with the growing threat in cyber space.

The proposal entails an enhancement of the Danish Defence’s ability to participate in international military operations with a view to fighting terrorism, capacity building and handling of irregular migration flows.