Shortly after the decision Peter Willemoes joined CSG 2 in the Mediterranean where it will be part of the carrier strike group until May this year.

Minister of Defence Claus Hjort Frederiksen says:

“I am very satisfied that a broad majority of the Danish Parliament has decided to support the deployment of our frigate Peter Willemoes to an US carrier strike group. This will at the same time help improve the skills of the Royal Danish Navy and give us an extra opportunity to contribute to the fight against ISIL. In my opinion, it is a win-win situation and a good and efficient usage of our naval capability.”

The deployment of the Danish frigate to CSG 2 is part of the development of the Royal Danish Navy’s ability to take on new and complex future missions and will strengthen US and Danish ships’ ability to conduct joint operations together.

The frigate will be part of CSG 2 until may this year and the main task for the carrier strike group is expected to be operations in support of the international coalition’s fight against ISIL in Iraq and Syria. As part of CSG 2, the Danish frigate will participate in the defence of the entire carrier strike group and possible take on aerial coordination tasks in the airspace around CSG 2.