Nick Hækkerup and Leon Panetta met in Pentagon on Monday to discuss the challenges in Afghanistan and the strong partnership between the two allies ahead of this years NATO Summit in Chicago come May. 

At the summit, the NATO member states will discuss a plan for the transition to Afghan security force control by 2014.

”Denmark and the USA face many similar challenges in regard to defence policy in the coming years. We can learn a lot from the Americans, but as a small nation, we have many things to be proud of. Our efforts in international operations are noticed by our allies, in particular by the USA,” Mr. Hækkerup said.

Before the meeting with Mr. Panetta in Pentagon, Mr. Hækkerup laid down a wreath at the ‘Memorial to U.S. Airmen Killed in Denmark’ at Arlington National Cemetery. During his four-day stay in the USA, Nick Hækkerup will also visit the United Nations in New York.