A majority of the political parties supported the Government’s intention to expand the mandate for the Special Forces under Operation Inherent Resolve. Hereby, the Danish Special Forces will now contribute in a more direct role in order to support Iraqi partner units. Also, the Danish Special Forces will be able to undertake missions in parts of Syria.

The fight against Da’esh is an important foreign and security priority for the Danish Government. On the basis of a specific request from the Coalition, the Government has decided to expand the scope of operations for the Danish Special Forces in Iraq and Syria. The Danish contribution to the coalition against Da’esh will continue to be significant in the coming year – both militarily and civilian, said Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Anders Samuelsen.

The Danish Special Forces will continue to complete the tasks requested by the Iraqi Government and the Global Coalition against Da’esh. It is crucial that Da’esh is not allowed safe havens but is consistently under pressure from all sides. This is why the Danish Government is continuously monitoring the situation and adapts our military contribution as per the needs of the coalition, said Danish Minister of Defence, Claus Hjort Frederiksen.

The Danish military contribution to the Global Coalition against Da’esh The deployment of the Danish military contribution including Special Forces was approved by the Danish Parliament on April 19th 2016. The Danish Parliament gave the Special Forces a broad overall mandate to conduct operations in both Iraq and Syria.

The Danish contribution includes up to 60 troops. The military contribution operates out of the Al Asad air base in Iraq, where the Danish capacity building contribution (Building Partner Capacity) and radar contribution are also deployed.

For security reasons further specific information on the Danish Special Forces are not available.

Fact sheet Danish C-ISIL contributions 20 January 2017