On 1st January 2012, Denmark will take over the presidency of the Nordic defence cooperation NORDEFCO (Nordic Defence Cooperation). The presidency rotates on an annual basis, and Denmark will take over after Sweden. The Danish priorities for the presidency will be capacity building in East Africa, cooperation in the Arctic, and joint initiatives in the fields of materiel, education and training, among others.

“I am pleased that Denmark now takes over the presidency of the NORDEFCO. For a long time we have wanted to strengthen the cooperation with our close Nordic allies. Among other things, it will be highly relevant to examine how we may cooperate in a smarter and better way, in order to continue to meet with modern, flexible and relevant capacities in spite of reduced budgets. I look forward to discussing the options for further multinational cooperation with my Nordic minister colleagues, now that we begin our presidency for NORDEFCO in 2012”, Nick Hækkerup states.

Danish priorities and events
The Danish priorities for the presidency of the NORDEFCO invite to a strengthening of the political dialogue between the countries and will focus on four main themes:

  • Nordic cooperation on capacity building in East Africa in the framework of the UN
  • Nordic industrial seminar 2012 with focus on a “green defence”
  • Cooperation in the Arctic
  • Joint Nordic initiatives in the fields of materiel, education and training

Among the most essential events during the Danish presidency is a Nordic seminar for the defence industry in the Bella Center in May 2012. At the seminar, Denmark will spotlight the development of a green and environment-conscious defence. Other than the Nordic countries, there will be participants from the Baltic countries as well as from Germany, Poland, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Later in May 2012, the Nordic ministers of defence will meet in East Africa, where the ministers will be able to study at close range how the Nordic countries may contribute further to the establishment of security and stability in the region.