[Originally published by Ministry of Defence]

The defence ministers of the Nordic countries met today via teleconference during the first of their two annual meetings in the Nordic Defence Cooperation (NORDEFCO) under Danish chairmanship. A clear focus of the ministers' discussions was on the current COVID-19 epidemic which is affecting all the Nordic societies.

“The NORDEFCO cooperation is an important contribution to the Nordic countries defence and the regional security and stability in the Nordic area – not least in the current troubling situation that the COVID-19 out-break causes. In situations such as these our close cooperation shows its clear value" stated the Danish Minister of Defence, Trine Bramsen

During today’s teleconference, the ministers discussed their respective efforts to overcome the epidemic and its consequences for the national defence forces. The countries agreed on the importance of a continued close cooperation.

Furthermore, the ministers discussed the implementation of the common Nordic Vision 2025 including on enhancing cyber security ,the Nordic-Transatlantic relations and a strengthened Nordic cooperation in crisis or conflict. The ministers also discussed Nordic contributions to international operations.

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