During his visit to Copenhagen, British Secretary of State of the Defence, Mr. Philip Hammond, together with Danish Minister of Defence, Nick Hækkerup, signed a Memorandum of Understanding between their two countries.

The strategic agreement is a milestone in the close defence cooperation between the United Kingdom and Denmark, and underlines the close relationship between the two nations – not least beyond 2014, when all British and Danish combat troops have been withdrawn from Afghanistan.

“We don’t sign an agreement like this with another country everyday. The agreement indicates that Denmark and the United Kingdom are now close strategic partners – not only in Afghanistan, but in the future in general,” Nick Hækkerup says.

The agreement builds on the close partnership between Denmark and the United Kingdom in operations on the ground in Afghanistan as well as the NATO headquarter in Brussels. It allows for a large number of specific opportunities for close and strategic cooperation between the Danish and British defence.

“Our effort in the Helmand province, our common values and mutual understanding of the security challenges and how we approach them, is a strong signal, that we can go further by not going alone,” Nick Hækkerup says.

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