Brigadier General and Assistant Chief of Staff at Supreme Strategic Allied Command Transformation, USA, Peter Bartram is appointed new Danish Chief of Defence, succeeding General Knud Bartels.

Following the endorsement by the Danish Ministry of Defence, Peter Bartram is appointed general and chief of defence by Royal Decree, as of today.

50 years old, Peter Bartram has previously been in command of 1st Brigade, responsible for the training of soldiers ahead of deployment to international operations in Afghanistan.

Furthermore, Peter Bartram has been Chief Military Assistant at the Multinational Corps Northeast in Poland and Head of the Study and Development Section at the Danish Army Operational Command. In addition to this, Peter Bartram has worked for many years at Defence Command Denmark.

From 2002 – 2003, Peter Bartram was stationed as Chief of the Danish Battalion at KFOR in Kosovo.

The Danish Minister of Defence says:

”I look forward to a close and trustful cooperation with Peter Bartram as Chief of Defence.

Peter Bartram takes over the position as Chief of Defence at a time when the Danish Defence faces many demanding challenges. I am very confident that Peter Bartram will contribute significantly to leading the Danish Defence safely through the necessary development and transition, while Danish troops continue to solve difficult international assignments. We need a strong defence. This means a defence with talented employees and some of the best soldiers.”