On Wednesday and Thursday this week, the Minister of Defence, Mr. Claus Hjort Frederiksen, attends the NATO summit in Brussels representing Denmark together with the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister.

The Minister of Defence pronounces:

‘Denmark is a core ally in the defence Alliance and has for years shown political will to offer help when required. Determination and will to deliver is the rule over the exemption. Therefore, I am very satisfied with the fact that we are going to the summit with a number of strong military contributions which emphasize Denmark’s position as a NATO core state.’

The NATO summit accompanies the entering into a broad defence agreement in January in which the Defence budget has been increased significantly over the next six years. This implies i.a. that the framework for participating in international missions is increased by 50 percent and that 20 percent of the budget are used for investments in new military hardware.

Concrete Denmark will join the summit in Brussels with eight definite offers for NATO of which the most significant is the offer to lead a multinational NATO division headquarters in the Baltic.