This morning the Foreign Policy Committee has given the government backing to offer up to six Danish fighter jets to NATO in support of the desire of the Alliance to strengthen the enforcement of sovereignty of the airspace above the Baltic countries.

"I am very pleased that Denmark is able to offer NATO a strengthened enforcement of sovereignty in the Baltic airspace with up to six Danish F-16 fighter jets. The Danish F-16 fighter jets will be ready for the job at short notice, they have done it before, and I am convinced that the Danish airmen will carry out the task professionally this time as well", says Nicolai Wammen.

Ever since the three Baltic States joined NATO in April 2004, several members of the Alliance in turn have made aircraft and personnel available to NATO Baltic Air Policing with the purpose of monitoring and enforcing sovereignty in the Baltic airspace.

The defence of the Baltic air space is an integrated part of the overall air defence of NATO territory, and the presence of NATO aircraft over the Baltic states is a visible proof of the solidarity of the member countries, and the determination and credibility of the Alliance.

Danish F- 16 fighter jets were among the very first to carry out the task in the airspace of the Baltic States back in 2004. In total, Denmark has solved the task four times, most recently in 2013, and each time the task has been carried out in a highly satisfactory manner by the personnel involved. It will thus be the fifth time Danish fighter jets contribute to Baltic Air Policing, if NATO decides to accept the Danish offer.