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The threat from hackers and cybercriminals to citizens, businesses and authorities has moved very close, and digital attacks are becoming more and more advanced.

Denmark is completely up front in the digital development. However, the increased digitization also makes us more vulnerable to digital threats and makes demands to the effect that we must be able to protect ourselves sufficiently.

The Danish Defence Intelligence Service (DDIS) assesses that there is a very high cyber threat against Denmark, especially from cyber espionage, but also from cyber crime. In addition, there is a potential threat from foreign states using cyber attacks in the attempt to try to influence the opinion formation in other countries.

Centre for Cyber Security
Purpose of the Centre for Cyber Security within the Danish Defence Intelligence Service is to support a high information security level compared to social important functions:

  • The net security service discover, analyzes and contributes to counter sophisticated cyber attacks against authorities and companies with social important functions such as the fiscal sector, the telecommunications network and a number of governmental functions.
  • As Denmark’s national IT security authority, the Centre guides and advises authorities and companies on IT security with a view to preventing cyber threats.
  • As authority responsible for information security and readiness in the telecommunications field, the Centre supervises i.a. in the telecommunications field and advises on telecommunications readiness.

Moreover, other authorities also handle tasks in this field. For instance, the National Cyber Crime Centre of the Danish National Police investigates crimes, whereas a number of other tasks regarding digitization and information security lie with e.g. the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs.

Military cyber capacity
Since 2016, Denmark has contributed to NATO’s defence in cyber space and is now preparing also to be able to contribute to NATO by means of effects from the offensive part of the capacity. Thus, by means of cyber weapons Denmark can deliver an effect against a target in a NATO area of operations. In connection with the use of the offensive cyber capacity in an international operation the capacity will be subordinated to the Chief of Defence like any other military capacity. The Danish military capacity for operations in cyber space is still under construction and is expected to be fully operative in 2019.

Defence agreement 2018
Through the defence agreement 2018-2023 a very brought political majority has decided to strengthen Denmark’s cyber defence considerably by means of an addition of DKK 1.4 billion over a period of six years. This is done i.a. by improved protection against sophisticated cyber attacks through an expansion of the sensor network of the Centre of Cyber Security to authorities and companies and through the establishing of a day-and-night manned national cyber situation centre in which a national situational picture can be made showing current and potential threats against Denmark’s most important digital networks. Being the national IT security authority, the Centre for Cyber Security is, at the same time, going to have its capacity for advising and supporting private companies and authorities strengthened.
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National Strategy for Cyber and Information security
In May 2018, the Government floated a new ambitious national strategy for cyber and information security which indicated a strengthened effort in this field. The strategy consists of 25 definite initiatives securing that people, companies and authorities must know and be able to handle digital risks so that Denmark can continue to make use of the digitization in order to support the development of the society.

International co-operation
A comprehensive international co-operation in the cyber field is taking place. This is done within i.a. EU, NATO and OSCE whereby Denmark participates in numerous co-operations and meeting forums for the benefit of Danish interests. In 2018 the Danish Ministry of Defence strengthened i.a. the Danish interest safeguarding by means of sending a cyber attaché to the EU representation in Brussels. However, the international co-operation also takes place bilaterally, whereby not least intelligences share sensitive information on cyber threats.

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