naturen i og omkring Oksbøl øvelsesterræn

The nature around Oksbøl training ground. Photo: Henrik Kastenskov.

Since 2012, green efforts within energy and environment have been top priorities on the agenda of the Ministry of Defence (MoD). Every year, it is reported how our green ambitions are transformed into concrete reality. The MoD corporation is one of Denmark’s largest governmental corporations with establishments all over the country. The task portfolio both in Denmark and abroad requires many resources which may influence the environment and cause the emission of climate gasses. Therefore, the MoD has initiated green efforts through a strategic work running across the whole corporation.

Efforts in the area of nature, environment and energy should support and not limit operative tasks and the need for changes in the level of activity. At the same time it should pay off to be green. All efforts are self-financing based on the savings of resources comprised by the project.

Every year, a report is published describing how the identified environment and energy goals have been met. The reports are available in Danish here at

The environment and energy strategy 2016-2020 of the Danish Ministry of Defence

The performing of operative tasks (the performing of operative tasks in Denmark and abroad by the Defence Command, the Home Guard Command and the Emergency Management Agency) is in focus in the MoD environment and energy strategy 2016-2020. The MoD wants to create improved conditions for environment, nature and climate when performing its core tasks by limiting the amount of waste, achieving lower energy consumption, and reducing impacts on the surrounding ecosystem, the air and the marine environment. The strategy is centered around eight focus areas comprising concrete activities which make sense and which have effect on the operational tasks. Simultaneously, the efforts in the support activities are continued, i.e. buildings, areas, procurement etc.

The main focus areas for the strategy period 2016-2020 are the operative corporation, the supportive corporation, and the Arctic area and the island of Christiansø.

Moreover, further focus areas in support of the strategic goals have been identified:

  • Environment and energy policy, environment and energy management and climate accounts
  • Technology and knowledge development/data
  • International cooperation
  • Behaviour and communication

Read the Environment and Energy Strategy 2016 – 2020

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