Soldater fra Forsvaret og Hjemmeværnet støtter politiet ved grænseovergange flere steder i landet.

Soldiers from the Armed Forces and the Home Guard support the police at border crossings in several places in the country. Photo: The Danish Defence.

The Ministry of Defence and the Danish Armed Forces are contributing to the safety of the Danish citizens through a number of tasks supporting the Danish Police, the Danish Home Guard and the Danish Emergency Management Agency.


The new Defence Agreement 2018-2023 represents a substantial investment in Defence to protect and defend the Danish citizens. As a result, the Danish Defence is given an increased role in supporting the Danish police and ensuring national safety. 


The national tasks comprise - besides monitoring the national territory and enforcement of sovereignty - a range of more civilian oriented tasks in support of the Danish society. This includes search and rescue operations and boarder control. The Danish Defence and the Danish Home Guard can further upon request, support the police with e.g. military forces, personnel from the Danish Home Guard and military equipment in national surveillance tasks.

Last updated October 5, 2020 - 20:41