Et af de danske fly gøres klar før afgang.

Danish aircraft is being prepared before departure. Photo: The Danish Armed Forces.

Due to a more complex security environment in the Baltic Sea, and a more aggressive Russia, Denmark has since 2004 contributed with fighter aircraft in support of NATO Air Policing. In March 2022 Fighter Wing Skrydstrup completed its ninth  Air Policing rotation since the NATO mission began in 2004. The Danish military contribution normally consists of four fighter aircraft and personnel usually deployed to Siauliai airbase in Lithuania.

The task of the Danish fighter aircraft is to conduct daily patrolling of the air space and to maintain a quick reaction alert in case of violations of the Baltic airspace.



On the 12th of May 2004 the Danish Parliament adopted motion B 210 pertaining to Danish contribution to NATO's sovereignty enforcement of the Baltic States' airspace. In addition, there has been a consultation with the Danish Foreign Policy Committee latest on 29 August 2019.

  • Place

    • Estland
    • Letland
    • Litauen
    • Østersøen
  • Operation strength

  • Period of time

    Fra 2004
  • Current