Forsvaret hjælper politiet med kontrol af immigranter i det østlige Middelhav.

The Danish Armed Forces are deployed alongside the Danish Police on the coastal patrol boats in the Eastern Mediterranean.  Photo: The Danish Defense. 

Denmark contributes to Frontex with the following capacities in 2022:


  • Two thermal vision vehicles for nearly half a year.
  • A coastal patrol boat contribution in cooperation with the Danish Police for the Joint Operation Poseidon in Greece throughout the year.
  • A Challenger surveillance aircraft in support for Joint Operation Poseidon for one month.
  • A Fennec helicopter contribution in support of different operations for nearly half a year.
  • A Defender surveillance aircraft for 30 days in support of the Joint Operation Indalo in Spain.
  • Personnel contributing to registration of migrants e.g. fingerprinting and interpreting assistance.


Since 2015 the Danish Armed Forces and the Danish Home Guard have contributed with personnel and equipment in the Frontex framework. The contributions are expected to continue in the coming years even though they might vary according to Frontex’ needs and Denmark’s ability to deploy equipment and personnel. The latter will increase gradually as the Member States should contribute to the ambition of a Frontex Standing Corps of 10.000 personnel in 2027.

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