This will consist of redeployment of F-16 fighter aircrafts, deployment of special operations forces, as well as a C130J transport aircraft. In addition, the government has decided to reinforce a number of civilian efforts.

"I am very pleased that we are planning to redeploy the F-16s back to fight Da’esh. Da’esh is under pressure and we must increase the pressure on them on all fronts. We will also increase the Danish support to the coalitions’ military efforts with special operations forces and a transport aircraft. With this package, Denmark advances to the very front of the contributing countries.

The fight against Da’esh will be long and the horrendous ideology of this terrorist organization cannot be defeated by military means alone. Therefore, the government will also increase its civilian efforts: stabilizing the liberated areas; curbing Da’esh's funding sources; stopping the influx of foreign fighters and countering Da’esh's propaganda. We hope for broad support in the parliament, which we also have indications of after the meeting in the Foreign Policy Committee. The fight against Da’esh is one of the most fundamental challenges in our time ", says Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen.

“The fight against the brutal terror organization Da’esh is among our highest ranking priorities right now. The Danish Government intends to combat Da’esh at its stronghold. This is why we plan to bring back our F-16 fighters into the mission in both Iraq and Syria. Denmark has been a central contributor to the fight against Da’esh since the beginning. It is an effort which pays off – and which the Danish Government wants to enhance.

We therefore suggest a strengthened and substantial Danish contribution to the coalition’s combined efforts in terms of F-16 fighters, a transport aircraft as well as a Special Forces contribution. Along with this we retain our current military contributions. Danish military forces are in high demand which must not least be attributed to the professional performance of the Danish soldiers. I am assured that our soldiers will continue to deliver a huge effort that we can be proud of, also in our future contributions”, says Minister of Defence Peter Christensen.

Today the government presented a comprehensive package which substantially will strengthen Danish military and civilian efforts. The package includes new Danish military contributions to the global coalition consisting of re-deployment of F-16 fighter jets, a contingent comprising special operations forces and the deployment of a C130J transport aircraft. The intention of the government is that the new military contributions will be mandated to operate in both Iraq and Syria. With new contributions Denmark will be among the countries that contribute most per. capita in military and civilian terms.

Furthermore, the government is strengthening a number of civilian contributions related to stabilization, curbing Da’esh’s sources of funding, stopping the influx of foreign fighters and countering Da’esh’s propaganda. Among the planned initiatives is that the former head of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) and Danish State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime (SØIK) Jens Madsen from March 15 will provide support to the coalition's work on countering terrorist financing.

The government expects to take the resolution before parliament for a first reading on April 1 and the second reading 19 April 2016.

Denmark's comprehensive approach to counter ISIL