Mission Essential will assist in validating information about employment for interpreters who make contact with the Danish authorities. This arrangement is similar to the arrangement which Mission Essential has with the US Government.

In addition to this, Mission Essential has volunteered to identify all of the Afghan local national linguists who worked in support of the Danish military mission, and assist in reaching out to those individuals with information about the “Agreement on the management of the situation for interpreters and other locally employed in Afghanistan”. [1] 

Danish Minister of Defense Nicolai Wammen says: “I had a constructive meeting with the CEO of Mission Essential, Peter Horvath that has supplied interpreters to the Danish forces in Afghanistan. We have agreed to closely coordinate with regards to the interpreters who as employees of Mission Essential have worked for Danish forces in Afghanistan, and I am very satisfied with that result.”

Mission Essential CEO Peter Horvath says: “I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with the Danish defence force for supporting the Danish government’s outreach to Afghan local national linguists. Mission Essential is dedicated to helping our former linguists to receive information from the Government of Denmark.” 

[1] "Aftale om håndtering af situationen for tolke og andre lokalt ansatte i Afghanistan"